Stressed Out and Losing Your Sense of Self?

Yoga Interlude – Creating an Inspired Life

Do you have kids? Whether or not you go to work, as a parent, there is a good chance you experience some stress on the job. Between co-ordinating schedules, multi-tasking and being in demand, what do you do to counteract the effects of stress? So many parents feel pressed for time, sleep deprived, overwhelmed with responsibility while consistently having to manage new situations on the fly. Perhaps while enjoying the summer weather, the pressure has eased up a bit but I’ve been noticing those ‘back-to-school commercials lately, have you?

One stress relief tip is to keep your sense of humor intact. Below is a comical clip from a mom who’s condensed many of our on-going parenting concerns and dialogue into an entertaining song.

Being a parent and working to keep it all together, many of us get into the habit of not listening to our own needs. While some of us push through the fatigue and plow through our ‘to do’ lists, for many, our neglected needs go beyond the short term…our heart’s desires become muted. One common stressor I’ve heard repeatedly expressed, especially by moms, is their experience of a lack of purpose beyond the parenting role.

There are two powerful programs designed to help you find your purpose and live with passion. My group coaching program is based upon one of Sonia Choquette’s called “Your Heart’s Desire” and is infused with meditations and questions intended to engage your imagination and inspire your creativity. It’s called ” Honoring your Heart’s Desire” and it will begin in September as a 12 week program via teleconference.

For those who prefer individual coaching, you can experience the powerful Dream Coaching process. This is also a 12 week program that can be shared in person or by telephone. For many, our dreams that we once held in trust for the future seem to be a thing of the past. As a certified Dream Coach, I have been personally trained by Marcia Wieder. She has been recognized on Oprah as “America’s Dream Coach” and has had Jack Canfield as one of her many coaching clients.  In a nutshell, here is her “10 step formula to achieve your dreams.”

1.      Set An Intention

Objective: To understand the power and importance of intention and for you to set an intention such as find a new job or career, or get a promotion.

2.      Maintain Integrity

Objective: To learn how to live with integrity by removing incomplete actions and keeping agreements with yourself and others. It is essential that you remove or clear up anything from your past that might be in the way of you having what you want.

3.       Live On Purpose

Objective: To understand the meaning and importance of purpose in order to live more aligned with that purpose. Dreams without purpose, even a job without aligning to your purpose, can be unfulfilling.  We can take steps to avoid this.

4.      Access Your Dreamer

Objective: To create a dynamic relationship with the Dreamer inside of you and a dream you are passionate about.  No matter how realistic you may be, there is a part of you that knows what will make you happy and what you want.

5.      Learn From Your Doubter

Objective: To create a powerful and dynamic relationship with the “Doubter” inside of you and to learn from the lessons this part of you offers. Left unattended, this is part of us that often sabotages our dreams. This does not need to happen.

6.      Believe In Your Dreams

Objective: To create a belief as a solid foundation for making your dreams come true. If you don’t believe in yourself or your dream, no one else will either. This is a life-changing step.

7.       Create Personal Practices

Objective: To learn to use all of life’s lessons as powerful tools and to create daily practices to deepen what you learn. In this work, we look at what happened and what you learned and design practices for strengthening your Achilles heel.

8.       Take Serious Steps Forward

Objective: To plan the essential action steps to insure that your dreams come true. In the end, it all comes down to taking action and the practical steps for making your dream real.

9.       Building Your Dream Team

Objective: To be able to ask for help, making your dream more easily attainable. There are resources that you already know and those who you do not know who can open doors and make your life easier. Learn essential skills for asking and getting help

10.     Live As A Dreamer

Objective: The objective is simple; create a dream-come-true life. Once you are clear about your purpose, dreams and resources, you can look at all areas of your life and decide what you want. This process works on any dream.

I’d like to conclude with a song that embodies the sentiment of both the group and individual coaching programs, as they are designed to help you feel more fullfilled, inspired and at peace. Here’s James Taylor singing his  ‘ Secret O’ Life”

How about you?  Do you have unrealized dreams?  I love getting feedback here on my blog and I offer commentluv. That’s a plug in that allows you to leave a link back to your own post when you leave a comment.

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